Betting in the Best Time: Can You Find It?

With constantly changing odds and the possibility of betting at any time during sporting events, live bets or “live betting” are more and more popular with players. Bookmakers have made it a type of bet in its own right and now offer many possibilities for betting and matches broadcast live.

Why bet live?

The adrenaline you get when you watch a sporting event will certainly be boosted by live betting. Indeed, on the websites of the operators, it is possible to bet at any time of a match on future gaming events. The evolution of the odds, which characterize this type of game, allows players an infinite number of betting possibilities depending on the course of the sporting match. Of course, when you bet, the odds freeze and can no longer evolve during the match. So make your DominoQQ Online bets accordingly.

Some tips for getting started with live betting

Although this game mode mainly stems from the instinctive feeling of the players, it nevertheless seems essential to be able to follow the encounter. Bookmakers have adopted this new fashion by including in their services, a system for retransmission of matches called “live-streaming”. To be able to feel the future potential of a sporting event, it is better to be able to watch it. At the glance, you will be able to feel the form of the participants and the potential reversals of situation which will make you win your bet live.

  • At the same time, you have to be patient, but not too much either. Indeed, as you know, the coasts evolve over the course of the meeting. Depending on your feeling, consider choosing the right time to bet: the time when the odds will be highest. For example, if you think a football team is going to score a goal soon, don’t bet the moment they win 3-0: the odds will drop as the game goes on.
  • In addition, it is important to identify the best ribs. If this is too low, your gain will be minimal and a surprise may be likely. Conversely, big live odds are not necessarily interesting, the probability of winning is very low (unless there is a miracle).

Mistakes not to make

Watching the sports match is good, but the quality of your live broadcast must be impeccable. Remember to use a good broadcast, without any lag or you risk missing important information while missing the best time to bet.

Be lucid

You have to look for the right time to combine the best odds with the best odds of winning. There is no point in betting in the first few moments (it will look like a simple bet) and it sometimes happens that a sports meeting takes a long time to get carried away. Stay patient and take the time to analyze the game. Your thinking skills will be your best asset. To take football as an example, we often advise players to bet around the 20th and 60th minute in order to have an effective view of the continuation of the match.


In short, there are plenty of winning possibilities for live bettors if you know how to escape the beginner’s pitfalls. Many techniques exist such as the “bad start” (the team or the superior player is led) or the bet to “save the honor” (when the team or the player is largely led, but it returns to the mark for consolation).