Betting One the Rope Dangling: winning it is Tricky

It the time of launching, many punters ask themselves the question of which bookmaker to choose, and especially which formula of bonus of inscription to prefer. A first bet is above all a desire to break the odds and to win the first euro invested (or offered.). Few can. Today we are going to explain everything to you about the famous registration bonuses or “signing bonuses”.

Establish your bet by choosing the correct withdrawal method

Reimbursement is not practiced in the same way from one to the other bookmaker. Some pay cash, others do not and you have to adapt the degree of risk when placing your first bet. With the main players in the sector (Winamax, Betclic or ParionsSport) reimbursement is made in cash that is to say that in case of loss on your first bet you can be reimbursed within two weeks on your bank account. No risk here. This is an element to take into consideration when betting.

Bet secure or go on a risky handset?

Your bonus will only be valid for one bet. Without risk, of course, this bet placed “with the bookmaker’s money ” allows you to look a little further than betting the victory of Paris against Evian. Go on a less obvious bet, better side, and therefore more risky because as a reminder – it is not “really” your money that is at stake here.

Go get handsets or systems with odds between 1.30 and 1.70 to ensure a relevant balance between risk taking and responsible betting.

One goal: to win at sports betting

The million won’t fall by tomorrow. Or even the bet at 2k + winnings. However, the bonus can give you a good capital base to use for betting, play a reasonable percentage each time you bet. The potential gain will necessarily make you want, try to ignore it and rather assess the risk involved.

The Leagues Of Football tips: a handset or system bringing your total rating from 2.40 to 3.60 is more than enough to start with a bonus of 100 euros offered.

Manage your sports betting bankroll

  • Let us admit it. This is not necessarily the most pleasant moment in the life of the bettor. Analyze, keep track, interpret. So many activities that you are not necessarily used to. Let us help you.
  • It all starts with capital (also often called “K”), this capital to bet must be capitalized. You must play part of this amount in order to increase your capital and therefore your ability to bet.
  • Good news, we have developed a fun and easy-to-use tool for you to manage your bankroll. The Leagues of Football service allows you to monitor and analyze your bettor trader performance in real time and therefore earn more money from your sports bets.

A ranking to know which bookmaker is worth it

Leagues of Football has analyzed and decrypted all of the bookmakers approved by ARJEL. Find our comparative article on bookmaker registration bonuses.