Betting With All the Choices for You Now

By far the most popular form of betting in USA is sports betting. Here you can bet on world sporting events. So whatever you are into football, horseback riding, running or anything else, there is the possibility of it with sports betting. Betting on football is clearly the favorite in USA, but you can easily place bets with bookmakers in other sports.

The Olympic Games

  • The absolute biggest sporting event in the world.
  • Here, the whole world gathers in one place to pay tribute to the world’s absolute top people in each of their sports. When you play at the Summer Olympics, there is coverage of the event around the clock. Therefore, there is ample opportunity to bet here.
  • Both on the more mainstream and popular sports like football, basketball, athletics, and golf, to the lesser ones like swimming, boating and gymnastics.

The Summer and Winter Olympics take turns every two years, inviting the world’s best athletes to a new place in the world, to compete for who can call themselves the world’s best. When the Winter Olympics run by the staff, you can bet on some of the more whimsical sports like curling, bobsledding and biathlon. In case of judi pkv games this is important.

Multiple bets

Do you want to bet small but win big? Then you need to look at multi-bets. There was a time when bookmakers basically only allowed players to bet on a series of matches (as we know it from Tips 13). But it’s not like that anymore. Now it is possible to let your sports betting win from one match go on to the next and thus transform a small bet into a big win. However, it can be hard to hit when playing at combined odds. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that while the gains can be large, they are harder to achieve.

Flexi betting

If you do not have much to play for this month or would like to make more speculative bets, you can play flexi betting. Here it is possible to play with a percentage, instead of the full price of the bet. Here, the total amount is divided between all winning bets.

The most popular bookmakers in USA

Unibet is clearly one of USA’s most popular bookmakers. They have a huge selection of casino and odds, as well as a large selection of freebets and favorable gift packages for new customers. In addition, they have high payback percentages, even on free bets.

Bet365 is one of the very heavy boys in the international gaming market. They have an impressive online sportsbook and with their new apps and mobile versions, they are the market leader in mobile betting.


LeoVegas is relatively new to the American market, but that does not mean that they are lagging behind. On the contrary they offer high odds and competitive payout percentages. They are a solid and credible bookmaker, although they have not been on the market as long as the other two.