Blackjack Tips

When one wants to Play Blackjack Online, there are a variety of actions and strategies one can take to beat the dealer. Should the player stand, or should they hit? When to double down or split? How to beat the dealer? These seem like all basic things that everyone knows. But just these simple tricks can be used skillfully without complicated strategies to give the dealer a hard time getting the player’s money. Even with all those houses, rules down on them. These are ways to utilize these tricks and make one win more than the dealer can handle:

What is the worth of an ace?

An ace can be worth one or eleven, depending on the rest of the player’s hand. If the value of the hand without the ace is ten or below, the ace is worth eleven. However, to avoid getting a ‘bust’, the value of the ace drops down to only one if the rest of the hand has a value of eleven and higher.

Now going back to the old question, should the player hit or stand?

  • To ‘hit’ involves asking the dealer for an extra card to improve the hand’s value.
  • While to ‘stand’ involves sticking with one’s hand when one is happy with it. Whether the player should do either depends on what kinds of hand they have.
  • One must always stand if they have cards that could bust against a dealer’s cards.

Should the player split or double down?

The player must split if they have aces and eights. According to several cheat sheets, the player should always split when they have an ace or an eight. Splitting either of these is as good as a

  • Guarantee that one will win in both rounds.
  • But just as splitting can cause one to win both rounds, it could also course one to lose both rounds. So always be careful while splitting anything that’s not an eight or aces.
  • Some casinos allow players to double down if they have a ten or eleven. At the same time, others allow players to double down on any two cards they have. Doubling Down is a great strategy when one has good cards but need only one more card. Here it is very effective.

Should the player surrender?

  • A ‘surrender’ option can be chosen by the player if they think they have no chance of winning against the dealer. The player forfeits and gives up their hand. The player’s betting money is reduced to half and returned to them if they surrender. It may seem like a silly thing to do, but it falls much cheaper than losing, where the player does not get back any of their money.

Rules of surrendering:

Even surrendering has some rules.

  • The player can surrender only if they haven’t had a hit. The player must have the original two cards that the dealer had given them without adding to it at all.
  • Once the player has acted on a hand, they can’t surrender.