EPL 2021/22: Can Manchester United Win The English Premier League?

The English Premier League is one of the most-watched sports globally ever since its first aperture on the 15th day of August 1992. It has an enormous fan base in multiple countries worldwide and regularly draws millions of spectators every season.

However, various people still do not know what the English Premier League is and what it stands for.

The first thing that one must understand about the English Premier League is that it is the top division of English football. It is also known as the English Premier League because it is based in England – although it is often referred to as EPL in the international press.

The EPL started as an experimental top-level soccer league in the early 1980s before being launched as an independent breakaway league in the English second tier during 1992. Many top English stars such as Ian Wright, Peter Shilton, John Terry, Harry Kane, David James, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, John Terry, and Brian Costner joined.

Sooner or later, its reputation has grown drastically since its inception and the current season is now the most anticipated one in years. The pre-season tour to Asia is already underway, and there are already rumors of more exciting matches to be played in Malaysia, China, Korea, and Australia.

The prevalence and television audience of the English premier league has also reached new heights, which has helped the English side win the EPL title twice. It is no longer just limited to England alone but is now becoming the new well-known and most anticipated season in Canada and the United States.

However, English Premier League wouldn’t be this known if it’s not for its rich history, excellent standard of play and players, and easy accessibility through online television.

The Manchester United Football Club is one of the top-most recognized teams that is associated in the EPL. Their past performances are the reasons why they became notorious in the realm.

However, can they bring home the bacon in EPL’s 2021/22 season?

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EPL 2021/22: Can Manchester United Win the English Premier League?