Essential Opportunities in the Perfect Sports Betting

Many aggregators have an additional commission for inactive accounts, if a client does not play for six months, then 10 to 50 euros are charged from him for maintaining the account.

But in general, these are trifles:

Even a student can really save 150 euros for a deposit, 1% of the withdrawal is compensated by the minimum margin, and one rate in six months (of any size) is an achievable task.

In such conditions, 카지노쿠폰 betting in the aggregator is much more profitable and more rational than playing in one separate office. There are no statistics confirming the popularity of brokers in Europe yet, this direction has revived quite recently, but betting forums and YouTube are bursting with discussions.

Perspective of aggregators

In theory, aggregators are capable of making the country market enter a new qualitative level in the shortest possible time, creating even tougher competition. Just imagine that any country will be able to play from one account in all 20 legal offices at once and see a comparative list of odds and available maximums.

But at the moment it is impossible, largely due to bureaucratic reasons. Firstly, no one will let a broker enter the market, because he will collect money that has been allocated for a long time, and will also get an incredible client base overnight.

Secondly, too much money has been invested, and it is not the last people who manage them, and with the aggregator, these instances are not particularly needed. A licensed broker himself will report to the state and transfer taxes, he will sort out the conflict himself and punish the office himself, for example, by removing it from the platform for some time. This is how major brokers work in Europe.

The Right Options now:

With a high degree of probability, one can hardly see such an aggregator in the legal field in the coming years. For a long time, the state, together with bookmakers, fought for maximum transparency of the market in relation to players and their rates. In this case, the broker destroys the entire ideology of the MCCIS.

Look in the Right Details

But if, sooner or later, independent brokers break into the country market, this will become a powerful impetus for the development of betting in the country Federation. Aggregators the most honest story both for bookmakers (offer good conditions you will get clients) and for players (if you want a margin of 2% and high limits make a solid deposit, play regularly and do not break the rules, otherwise you will be blocked in all bookmakers at once).


Before making a bet, you need to divide the total number of home matches by the number of fights with a total over the home club (one number is obtained). Then we divide the total number of guest club matches by the number of away matches by the total. We get 2 numbers, after which we calculate the average. As a result, there will be odds that need to be compared with those offered in the bookmaker’s office. If it is large, then you can make a bet. The principle is similar to the Kelly criterion. In a similar way, you can get numbers that will take into account all the games of the teams.