How to Deal with Online Poker Bad Beats

Playing a poker game online or on a live table doesn’t mean that you would get up by winning a contest. A game always is a place where one party wins and the other defiantly losses. So, never let your morals be down and make proper strategies to win it for the next time. Even getting strong hands like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, AQ, KQ, AJ sometimes you still fail and don’t win a single hand. It would not only happen to you; it can happen to any of the players. It is when you should keep on trying your luck in poker online. They are times also when you would get bad debts, but still, with your success, you get big pots with right hands.


  • Follow The process, Not the results:


To make you win big deals in poker, you should always be process-oriented, rather than being result-oriented. Sometimes if you think of a result, you may have the potential to win, but the talent poker player will defiantly be killed. Everything you do in poker should be based on hope to maximize your pots in every hand rather than giving off all your chips. And if you are losing every time, then you are surely committing a mistake at someplace. But don’t sometimes worry people also suffer due to bad beats or bad cards with you. So, brush your necessary skills every time you play and try improving it more and more. Even if you lose, don’t be sad and try to take it positively and go with a positive attitude next time when you play and give your 100%.


  • Understanding Equity of Your Hand: 


This Equity doesn’t mean the one in share market, but it means your odds of winning the pot. It plays an important role in promoting your moves in poker. You should always be sure of what are your chances of winning the cup and how much Equity you are going to gain. If you want to win, calculate your Equity, then figure how many outs you must make in your hand. Your Equity does change after the flop, turn, and river in hand. They are the two best ways to calculate your Equity:

On the flop, multiply your outs by four and then, on the turn, increase your outs.

If your Equity is more than 50%, make sure to get as much money in the pot as possible. 


  • Figure out Breaking points And Quit:


Each player does have a breaking point in the game where they have to quit the game. The breaking point will reduce the amount of money you have already lost, that is when you can decide whether you want to play further or not. It is a place where you need to stop playing and control your emotions. That is especially when you are facing many bad beats or cards. 

Now you know the methods of how you can deal with bad beats and never be shy to quit if you are not playing and make proper strategies for the next play on poker online at poker pulsa.