How to Master Dominoqq? – Know The Hidden Strategy!

DominoQQ is one of the highly competitive games that many gamers probably don’t consider – and if that’s the case, they might be wrong! There’s a high played professional tournament dedicated to Dominoes, “The Universal Dominoes League,” that people from around the globe participate in. This match has some serious prize money to offer competitors.

Similarly, online Domino’s games and tournaments offer massive amounts of cash prizes and rewards to online players. Having said that – an impressive strategy for Dominoes is everything to seize the winning position in these matches.

Dominoes & Its Strategy:

Learning how to play Dominoes is, indeed, as easy as placing a cherry on top of a cake. But figuring out the proper strategy to elevate the game capacity is the real deal that can make someone win more than ever imagined. Let’s look at some useful strategies to grasp the game to help players hit the win board in leading matches.

The basic strategy –

The basic strategy for Dominoes works on virtual gaming plots (any kind of), yet it is easy to follow. Eventually, for beginners, the tactics work smoothly. However, the gamers need to focus and think about the strategy thoroughly, but it will not take long before they evolve second nature.

Play Heavier Tiles Early

The Domino player should play heavier tiles early because these are the ones with the highest numbers, and they also mean the opponent will end up earning more points if they score.

Play Doubles Early

Since double tiles leave similar hooks available with the connecting tiles, they don’t advance. For instance, if a player ends up getting a double 5 tile on a 5 hook, they will still need other 5 to connect the tile. However, these are high-value tiles. So, it’s ideal to get rid of them as soon as possible to avoid letting the opponent score them when they need.

Keep A Scope Of Tiles Aside

Keeping a scope of DominoQQ tiles in the side hand will help any individual match the maximum numbers possible. If all tiles have the same suits, the player would be stuck (in the case of all are available onboard).

Note Opponent’s Weakness

A player must note their opponent’s weakness when the game progresses for better win rates. If any player has to draw the game and cannot play from the boneyard, it’s an opportunity for the opponent they remain in the same situation with the same numbers available on the board again. Hence, one has to play strategically to block opponents from scoring.

Watch For Your Opponent’s Tells

Mostly, people think of poker when they are about to playDominoQQ. However, a smart player should always watch for the opponent’s tells like good tiles, bad tiles, and other components of the game. By closely watching these, one possibly can make smarter plays and react to certain things. And that’s the beauty of this game, indeed.