How to read marked cards with infrared contact lenses?

If you have Copag marked decks with unnoticeable ink marks; however, do not recognize how to review marked decks Copag, here are some suggestions.

Marked cards contact lenses can do you support. If you wear marked cards contact lenses, you can see through all sort of marked decks. Can you picture that you are the only one who can review marked cards like the poker face is up?

If you do not like to use playing cards contact lenses, there are additionally luminous ink glasses. Wearing marked cards sunglasses in poker, ready checking out Copag marked cards is amazing.

Makers are making marking cards with unseen ink for many years. The poker-playing items generally include infrared contact lenses, marked poker cam, luminescent ink marked cards, Texas as well as Omaha scanning system, and also online poker analyzer.

Infrared contact lenses

Infrared contact lenses, another name called invisible ink contact lenses, are utilized for looking through marked decks with invisible ink when others will be able to watch nothing without wearing the unique playing cards contact lenses. What is even more, using the call lenses cannot transform the shade of your eyes.

Luminous marked cards

According to different functions, the marked cards could be split into three different types, which include the undetectable ink marked cards for perspective contact lenses, bar code side marked cards for poker scanning cam, as well as marked infrared cards for an infrared camera. Marked cards with lunious marks invisible ink can be translucent by the marked deck’s contact lenses or sunglasses, while other gamers cannot see the unseen ink marks. The barcode side marked cards normally work together with an online poker scanning camera. The online poker scanning cam privately checks the barcode of marked cards as well as the information will be sent to the casino poker predictor automatically, and then, the results will be delivered into you by the earpiece. 

Texas as well as Omaha scanning system

Texas, as well as the Omaha scanning system, is one of the most sophisticated scanning systems worldwide. In the beginning, you might set the online poker games that you would like to play. And then, you can make use of the casino poker scanning camera for checking the barcode marked decks. Ultimately, the outcomes were sent out to you by the earpieces. 

Texas hold ’em analyzer

Casino poker analyzer is one type of mobile phone which was set with a mini marked Texas Hold’em cam inside it. The all-in-one Texas Hold’em analyzer can be utilized for scanning barcode marked cards, which would inform you of the ranks of all the casino poker gamers in advance.

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