Join the World of Progressive Jackpot Games

The progressive online gambling NZ games offers the players the chance to win significant life-changing jackpots, so don’t miss out on the exciting Royal Vegas casino NZ. The progressive jackpot games have three different varieties, namely:

  • Progressive slots
  • Progressive video poker
  • Progressive tables

There is a difference between classic and jackpot slots, but all slots have a jackpot prize, so what is the difference? The key is the progressive jackpot, and it is a prize that increases every time somebody plays a slot game until someone wins it. A small percentage remains added to the jackpot, and someone can win it by navigating or random unique bonus game.

The World of Progressive Jackpots

Royal Vegas casino NZ has over a decade of experience in online gambling NZ and has offered the players the best in terms of progressive jackpot games in Jackpot City NZ. These casino games give players highly acquired jackpots, which have turned players into millionaires. 

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

In the Jackpot City NZ, with each player that joins in the progressive jackpot games, a certain percentage of player bets remains added to the overall jackpot amount. This total amount is sometimes called the ‘meter’ and commonly taken from various slots simultaneously. It is an amount that rises each time a player plays a slot game, and it will keep on increasing until a fortunate player wins it. The more you play, there are more chances of winning, and many players have become millionaires by merely taking a chance on the online gambling NZ. The progressive jackpot slots usually take an opportunity on the jackpot games. 

Royal Vegas Progressive Jackpot Games

The Royal Vegas casino NZ offers a vast number of frequently added games to the casino as a whole, and the progressive games stand steadily in the frame as it provides the most significant and most alluring jackpot opportunities. Here are a few most well-known included progressives on offer. 

  • Mega Moolah
  • Roulette Royale
  • King Cashalot
  • Major Millions

The curious and interested players exploring the exotic world of Royal Vegas casino NZ’s progressive jackpot games can access it on the Desktop or Mobile. 

Journey into the Unknown World of Jackpot City NZ

Come and get ready with the virtual lift off the life-changing experience with the brand-new online gambling NZ available for your playing and entertainment. The online gambling game remains jammed with mesmerizing graphics, easy and simple rules, fun bonus features, and randomly triggered progressive jackpot elements. You can play newly developed the latest online games. Microgaming develops the new game Galactic Gold in collaboration with Royal Vegas. 

In this game, join the four crew members in the hunt for the hidden precious gold on the planet the Aerious. Further, the Golhunter story takes place on-board the spaceship of the Aces of Spaces crew. One lousy guy named Shayde tries to keep the four crew members apart from obtaining the hidden gold and the variety of extra-terrestrial components, adding a lot of fun to your play and keep you entertained. The action and thrill-packed gaming experience is waiting to get unlocked at Royal Vegas casino NZ.