Know the Logic behind Betting Odds before Betting in an Online Sports Game  

The period of 2000 to 2006 was a booming period for the online gaming industry. On an average, an online gambling site gives more return to the player than a land casino. Today, online gambling covers a wide range of products, like sports betting, poker, fast cash games on online tournaments, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, online slots, craps, etc.

Ufakick is an online gambling and sports betting site launched by Ufabet. It is the leading online gambling site in Asia and Thailand. The site is safe and secured which means your information and privacy are important and will not be leaked to any third party. You can try odds before the football match or during the game and earn the best price through betting.

Online sports gambling are no doubt quite interesting, but one thing that can keep the newcomers off is the betting odds.

What are the betting odds?


In every betting, there is a chance and possibility that any type of result can be declared. The odds are an interpretation of all outcomes that have a chance of taking place. It can make a huge difference and impact players by giving a satisfying winning gain or a huge depressing loss.

Odd is the probability of an event that will occur. This event is calculated by the bookmaker. After calculating and declaring the probability, the bookmaker then accepts bets against the odds. The odds can change as the bets come in. For example, if the bookmaker finds more people betting on one team, he or she may try and make odds attractive for the other team to draw some traffic.

There are three types of odds –

  • Odds On
  • Events
  • Odds Against

The bookmaker can offer three different choices to view the betting odds –

  • Decimal odds are used in Europe and are also called European odds.
  • Fractional odds or the British odds are traditional.
  • American Odds is favoured by the US bookmakers.

Betting is all about probabilities and it is difficult to predict an outcome. However, if you’re interested in online sports betting, then it is imperative to educate yourself before starting to bet.