The Different Types Of Football Bets

Learning how online bookmakers like William hill sportsbook review work is easy – and so is the vocabulary used by gamblers. Within a short period, you will understand all the expressions characteristic of the betting world, which will open up a lot of new possibilities. That’s because you’ll get to know all the possible options to make a guess and get a profit.

The Different Types Of Football Bets

  • Moneyline: This is the most common betting segment among gamblers. In this case, you need to decide who will win the matches or end in a draw. Each result offers an odd or a different quote, according to the odds of each result. In this case, the bettor doesn’t have to worry about the goal margin or the final score: Just hit the winner/tie.
  • Double chance: In this situation, also known as double chance or even double chance, the player deposits his money in two of the three positive results in a match, like home win and draw, for example. With this, you win if either of the two bet results happens. As it is one of the minor risky types of bets, its odds/quotes are relatively lower, which gives less profit.
  • Tie voids the bet: This type of bet, also known as DNB because of its English denomination, is little known, but it can be interesting. Here, you choose the winner of a given match, and in the event of a tie, your bet is void, and your money is refunded in full.
  • Handicap: This term is used to define bets in which positive or negative margins are added to balance the quotes. It works like this: the bookmaker determines a minimum number of goals for the winning team in a given match as if the underdog had already started with an advantage. To win, the bettor must be favorable even after the handicap goals have been discounted.
  • Both teams score: In this situation, the bettor deposits his chips if almost two teams score at least one goal in the game. It doesn’t matter who wins the game or if the match ends in a draw: If both teams score goals, the bettor wins.
  • Future bets: Here, you bet your chips on the final result of a given competition. It is possible to bet whether a particular team will finish the competition as champion, or which will be the top scorer, etc. The more unlikely the result, the greater the odds/quote, and with that, the possible profits increase.
  • Totals: Here, the guess refers, for example, to the total of goals scored in a match, regardless of who scored the goals. The best bookmakers offer more specific options, such as the chance to bet on the total number of cards or even the number of corners in the match.
  • Live to bet: Hunch that works dynamically throughout a game. According to how the match unfolds, bookmakers set the initial odds and then adjust these odds throughout the match.

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