The Philippines allows China-centric online casinos to restart

In 2020, the whole world is suffering from the pandemic outbreak of COVID that is Coronavirus. This is one of the most deadly viruses that has taken the lives of so many people all across the globe. Therefore, this is the only reason due to which the economies of each and every country felt down. In between, all these land-based casinos were also closed because the government ordered them to maintain norms of social distancing. Along with this some of the online casinos were also closed but now the Philippines has allowed the China-centric online casino to restart. Let’s talk about all this in detail online casino Philippines, have a look to know.

The Philippines has now allowed half of the online casinos to open, these are the casinos that are targeting the Chinese gamblers. All these Chinese targeting gambler casinos are partly resuming the operations amid lockdown on Luzon land. This decision has been taken just to help the government as all of us know that the economy has fallen down, that’s why to raise funds in between the combat of the novel pandemic of coronavirus. Hence, you will feel delighted to hear that this is a statement given by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp in a recent interview.

This is one of the good news for the online casino industry but only 30% of offshore gaming operator’s workforce per shift will be allowed to regulate the operations. These are the lines that are said by the regulatory official of gaming operations. In addition, he said that only 30% of staff are allowed to work because this will help in maintaining the norms of social distancing as introduced by the government. He further said raising up funds as well as our safety is very much important. Hence, that’s why these decisions have been taken.

Probing further, there are some special norms for the employees working in the operating centers of such online casino gaming. All the employees will report back to work after taking a COVID-19 test check, regular screening will be done, social distancing should be maintained as well as the wearing of masks should be practiced all the time. Further, it was added that the gaming agency requires Philippine offshore gaming operators, or Pogos to remit 2% of gross gaming revenue as regulatory fees. Therefore, such fees brought in revenue of 5.73 billion pesos (S$160 million) in 2019 and 1.8 billion pesos in the first quarter of this year 2020. Prior to resuming all operations the service providers are asked to settle down all the tax liabilities with the Bureau of Internal Revenue and will have to update the regulatory fees also. These are the sayings by the gaming agency before operating the premises fully.

Hence, this is all that people should have information about the restarting of the Philippines allowing Chinese centric online casinos to open. Stay connected to have more and regular information about the online casino games or the gaming industry.

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