Things every slot player should know

Slots are available on most of the websites along with other games in türk casino siteleri and you can choose any website of your choice. However, you must know the common terminologies of slots that are used in casinos before you play the game.

Pay lines

Pay lines can be understood as the notice board of slots. It is the pay line that determines the winning of every player. In the pay line, there are combinations of symbols that show up. The pay lines may vary between the range of 9 to 30. A pay line with a higher range will have higher chances of winning. The combinations of the pay line do not necessarily need to be straight. They can also be either zigzag or diagonal. 

Wild Symbols

To further increase your chance of winning, you can use the wild symbols. Wild symbols are special symbols that can substitute certain symbols and can make your win. If you get two same symbols and a wild symbol, the wild symbol may act as the other symbol and you would win rewards.  Wild symbols are not easily found in regular slot machines. The values of the wild symbols may also vary between different slot machines. 

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols are extra symbols that offer free spins or extra shots. If the scatter symbol appears on your pay line, you would get a bonus. The common bonuses include free spins and sometimes extra spins. It may also offer different bonuses on other websites. 


Multipliers are other useful symbols that only work in case of winning combinations. The multipliers have the power to multiply your winning by either two times or three times or even more. The payout in multipliers is the highest as compared to scatter symbols and wild symbols. Multipliers are also applicable in the case of free spins as they can increase the number of free spins by two or three folds.

Return to Player

The Return to Player (RTP) is used to determine the winning percentage from a particular slot machine. RTP calculates the return percentage on the spending from each player. The RTP is calculated from the data of a lot of players. A higher RTP would mean that you have a higher chance of winning from that particular slot machine. However, this does not guarantee you success but it surely gives a lot of hope to the players.


Knowing the common terminologies of games like slots will certainly keep you a step ahead of your opponents in türk casino siteleri.