UTG in Poker: How to Play the Most Complicated Position

The translation of the term UTG in pokeridn would come to mean “the player who is under the gun.” Does this definition seem exaggerated? When you start playing several games and feel the pressure to be the first or the first to speak, you will start to suffer. Jokes and drama aside, when you are a UTG in poker you will have to play with very little information, and this is complicated. If you are a relatively novice player you will be happy to be a UTG in poker because you will not have bets ahead … until some dislikes take away this delusion.

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In most cases, there will be a player behind you with a better hand, and the more advanced you are, the more you will see it.

When to play from the UTG in poker

Perfect. Given this bleak outlook, will we usually have to fold in these positions? In addition, the short answer to this question is yes. In most cases, we will fold a hand from the UTG in poker. However, of course, there are exceptions. To see them, we refer to the poker odds –

Obviously, if you have AA, AK, KK, you will call. Right off the bat, it is a hand that you would push all-in with without thinking. This excludes pocket pairs like TT or JJ, or hands like QK.

How many blinds do we have left? If the big blinds are 20% of our ‘stack’ it would be justified to extend the range of hands to TT, JJ, AJ or KQ, because we will hardly see a better hand until the blinds return.

If the blind means more than 35% or 40% of the stack, it would be justified to open with those 2/3 of the upper hand.

Pair in hand – If we have a pair lower than TT in hand, we will call the big blind as long as it does not represent more than 1/20 of our ‘stack’. If it is a higher risk, we will leave, but with that, 5% it pays us to take a risk in case we link a trio. The odds are on our side.

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How do I play from Under the Gun?

If we play from Under the Gun with a powerful hand, we will raise. Even assuming that we have to go ‘all-in’ if someone re-raises or that directly answer us with everything. If you have these hands, you should not be hesitant. In case of winning minor hands from UTG in poker tournaments, going all-in may be a good idea. It is not ideal, but we are in an unfavorable situation.

In the latter case, as we have already detailed, we will look for the call because the cost-benefit ratio can be very interesting. As you have already seen, playing UTG in poker leads to very counter-intuitive situations. However, in the end, the odds rule. To get filming and experience in idn domino qq, it is good to use welcome bonuses, precisely for this reason, because playing against the current before our intuition can be difficult at first.