What do you mean by bonus buy slots, and why are feature buy slots attractive?

In this section, we will review what bonus buy slots do and why they are a feature but slots so attractive. Additionally, we will review some games which offer you a bonus buy option.

What is bonus buy slots?

Bonus buy slots are also called a purchase or bonus buy-in feature of the game. This will automatically allow the player to play the bonus round directly without getting a certain sequence. This is a feature that is extremely good when you play on a high volatile slot website.

Also, one more thing about the bonus buy round is that they have a good amount of RTP. This feature is not necessary to buy as it depends upon the player. If the player wants to make more money, then they can use this feature in their game.

This feature differs from game to game and is calculated on the amount which you have won. A good thing to do before you take this feature is to read its terms and conditions. This will help the player to stay away from any kind of trouble from the casino itself.

Slot online Pragmatic88 is a site that offers this kind of feature and that too at a low amount than the market. This attracts more players from the market, and they tend to bet more in this kind of round.

Why are feature buy slots so attractive?

This bonus buy-in feature is good for that player who has to forcefully close down their session. This can be used by these kinds of players to boost their earnings if they win around. This option was first made by the Big Time Gaming Company and was released in the market.

They first tested this feature out on their casino then sold it in the market. The players can activate a bonus round by paying and also by bringing the right combination. The price of the bonus round will also depend on the amount of money which you have invested.

The first-ever look at this feature was seen in Big Time Gaming’s White Rabbit Megaway slot. Not only is this slot game-high volatile, but in the bonus round, you can double and maybe triple your money.

Sometimes this can give you up to 100x times the amount of money you have a bet. More the coins collected in the slot machine more are the chances of winning of a player. This is a unique gaming feature that was released in the market and got famous very quickly.

What to expect from the bonus buy feature in the future?

Big Time Gaming has got the Megaway casino license, and they are now able to make their casino. But they are insisted on making games with their unique style and make them famous. They did the same with the bonus buy feature, and it got very famous in the market.

In the future, you can expect to have a better and quick payout system. Also, you can see more multiplier and bonuses, which are there in the slots.

Which is the Megaway casino that has the bonus buy feature?

Here is the list of the Megaway casino that has the bonus buy feature embedded inside them.

  •  Extra chili Megaway

This is an innovative game and was created back in the year 2018. This was the first game after testing to get the bonus buy feature inside of it.

  •  Viking unleashed Megaway

This is the newer and the upgraded version of the extra chili Megaway casino. Here you can buy this feature anytime that you want, even in between a game.